Other Shows

These shows help start off an event, as an “ice-breaker” (usually 20 – 30 minute’s duration) and are adaptable in content and duration to your specific entertainment requirements…


Man in BlackMan in Black: Secret Agent / Bodyguard / Man of Mystery
While your guests are gathering at your special event, secure their enjoyment (and safety?) with the roving “MiB”. Communicating through a “wire” to an imaginary HQ, the “MiB” downloads data on people (from info you have supplied) and uses what seem to be “high tech” gadgets to security scan them, and the occasional womens’ handbag, with hilarious results. This roving show would suit as an “ice-breaker” for any occasion, as it will entertain and intrigue people as they gather to your special event.


Old WaiterThe Old Waiter
He’s old, stooped, slow and mute – just what you would not want in a waiter. But this “Old Waiter’s” roving show is very funny and includes a bit of close-up interactive magic that will leave your guests laughing. Performed on many occasions with great results, you may like to add “The Old Waiter” to your dinner/cocktail party menu as more subtle, low-keyed alternative entertainment to the “Manuel Towers” show. Well-suited for various fancy-dress themes, too.


Swami SalamiSwami Salami
Comedy Guru to “en-lighten” your party/event goers with a witty and wise roving show. “Swami” offers advice, “readings” and can also serve as your event’s MC with a funny and uniquely different approach. In a truly magical (and entertaining) way, “Swami” can make “nothing” out of “something”.


banner-jesterJust the Jester
He juggles, performs magic, creates balloon sculptures because he is “Just” the Jester. This fun, interactive, roving character best suited to “work the crowd” at a Fancy Dress Party or Medieval Banquet.

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Rocco croppedSoprano-gram
Based on television’s favourite dysfunctional Mafia family. Hire “Rocco” the Hit Man to “take care of some s**t”. Great way to acknowledge that staff member’s long service, promotion, or departure. Also great for mate’s special birthday, wedding, etc… Written with information you supply, “Rocco” will deliver a special gift to someone who deserves a hard time. Very funny and can be a bit rude, too!


Santa Claws002 Santa Claws
He’s stuffed like a turkey into a red suit and white wig and beard, not your usual “jolly Santa” (hence the name, “Claws”). After all, everyone is having a great time celebrating the holiday season, and he has to work! This bad Santa knows a lot about the guests attending from info you have supplied, if they have been “bad” (which is good) or “good” (which is not-so-good). Entertainingly “tongue-in cheek”, and a true professional at giving presents, Santa will “deliver” at your “grown-up” Christmas party.


Who said Halloween is for kids? Planning a Vampire/Zombie party?
Enter IGOR, the happy hunchback who’s roving and interactive show includes dragging off people to “experiment on” (read that as under-dressed, not enough make-up or costume) and returning them to the party with hilarious results.







Rick_Flyer CARD2